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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Online Radio Station

For starters we need the following programs:
1º Sam Broadcaster ( in this case 4.2.2)
: Descargar
2º NO-IP : Descargar
3º Shoutcast Dnas : Descargar

Well, once we have these 3 downloaded proceed with installing the programs first.
1 Sam Broadcaster: file "rar." Is decompressed on the desktop to access all the files that are compressed. The first program that is installed is the next "Firebird-" this facility to be very important. It continues with the installation of "sambc-up" program. When you ask for the registration key you go to the desktop folder and open the file. "Txt" containing the registration key so the program is complete. Copy and paste the code in the box program.

2 The No-Ip is a program that creates a host on the internet to have a radio link in the network. For this we have to check:

Once registered we send activation link account. (important to fill in all fields). Once you click the link given activation LogIn we go to and we access our account and go to paragraph HOSTS / REDIRECTS
 Once inside this section we give "Add a host" and complete the fields:


We have already completed everything and have given "Add Host". Now we go to No-Ip program which we installed and started. In the login screen will pass our email and password or you checked in No-Ip. Upon entering this screen appear where we have to click on the square next to the face with glasses to activate:

If all you have done the right face is smiling . And this just install and register our host that will issue the net.
Now install the 3rd shoutcast the console version . After install we go to the Shoutcast folder in the directory that was installed and opened the " sc_serv " file or notepad or wordpad ( if you have problems with the notebook that the lines are indistinguishable opens with wordpad ) , where the parameters " MaxUser = 32 " change it by the maximum of users who want to listen to your radio (I recommend the top 20) and the line " password = changeme " the change also changes our pass we give close and will ask us to keep the changed data and give it to " Yes". The line " PortBase = 8000" change it to other ports we have open before the router. (Eg router port : "Port Start Port End = 2000 = 2005 " with this in PortBase = 2000 ) to open any port must have the following 5 port also open. With this we have the server. ( For a discussion of open ports you can leave a comment and I'll get back in touch with those who need help) .
Now configure the Sam Broadcaster to broadcast and internet radio.

As stated on the image to enter the program we click on "Desktop B" and then in encoders "+" add our server. Once completed this will give OK.

After all this I recommend restarting your PC and to emit properly start programs in this order:
2nd Shoutcast
3rd SamBroadcaster.
When starting Sambroadcaster we go back to the "Desktop B" we do our encoder button and give the symbol that appears in encoders play alongside the blue and red buttons.

The link for others esuchen we should be like this: HTTP :/ / NOMBRERADIO.NO-IP.BIZ: PORT / LISTEN.PLS

For any questions please leave a comment and we'll help in whatever.
Please can comment and if you served something to be thankful that I hope does not cost anything. thanks

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