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Friday, January 22, 2010

HTML Course

One of the best courses in HTML. Even if you know nothing after this guide read you'll know all about creating anything in HTML format.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Xp useful programs

Winamp is an audio and video player quite handly.
Winamp, the famous and historic Nullsoft player is now able to play with ease virtually all audio and video formats, of course, provided you have the codec installed.

Compatibility, many extensions and skins available, versatility and the rest of Winamp qualities make him a strong candidate to become your favorite media player, and not just at home. With Winamp Remote, you can also enjoy music from your home computer from any Internet-connected PC.

Winamp supports the following formats:

AAC, it, mod, nst, stm, AIF, itz, MP1, NSV, stz, AIFF, KAR, MP2, OGG, ult, amf, M2V, MP3, okt, VLB, APL, m3u, mp3, pls, VOC, ASF, M4A, MP4, ptm, WAV, AU, mdz, MPEG, RMI, WMA, AVI, MID, MPG, s3m, WMV, CDA, MIDI, mtm, s3z, xm, far, MIZ, NSA, SND, xmz, 669.

K-Lite Codec Pack is one of the most complete and updated packages of codecs, both video and audio to play almost any sequence from Internet. Simply K-Lite Codec Pack is the easiest way to get the decoders needed to watch any movie, video or Internet stream.

Alcohol 120% is a tool that allows you to copy in full CDs and DVDs and create virtual drives from a disk image.

It is ideal for making backups of CDs and DVDs and create images important for these to be implemented from multiplying exponentially hard disk access time.

Total Video Converter is a video conversion tool that, in addition to supporting a wide range of formats, plays audio and video from different sources.

Windows XP Professional SP2

Technical Specifications Operating System Windows XP Professional SP2:
- Language: Spanish 100%.
- Service Pack 2 included: Yes.
- Developer: Microsoft Corporation.
- Format: ISO.
- Size: 624MB
- OS Type: 32 Bit


And this is the key that serve this Windows:

Just save the .iso image file with alcohol 120 º and already have the windows cd to format and install this version of windows.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hide My IP 2009

When you open the file you asked for a pass (Zone-k64). After installing the program and open the crack folder you drag that file in the program folder. Replace it and we're done.

Your IP address is your online identity and could be used by hackers to break into your computer, steal personal information, or commit other crimes against you. Hide My IP allows you to surf anonymously, change your IP address, prevent identity theft, and guard against hacker intrusions, all with the click of a button!

Downloading Tune Up 2010 FULL


TuneUp Utilities is an awesome system optimization suite . Has hard disk defragmenter , registry cleaner Windows eliminator unnecessary files , uninstall programs , startup editor system, a panel to customize the appearance of Windows disk ... there is even a problem solver.
The main window of clear and informative TuneUp Utilities contains all modules of the program and whether there are problems that require your intervention. If in doubt , TuneUp Utilities helps you with recommendations for optimization as .
Turbo Mode (new 2010)Would you like to play and squeeze the most out of your team? Enable Turbo Mode TuneUp Utilities to disable background processes and change the visual theme so you have the full power of your machine. TuneUp Utilities Another click and return the system to its previous state. You can also activate it from the icon in the system tray.
Live Optimization ( new 2010 )The real-time optimization is another impressive feature of TuneUp Utilities. Is responsible for regulating the priority of processes so that all work smoothly. This prevents a host of annoying crashes , since the processor is not under heavy workloads . When it is running, a small icon appears on the taskbar.
This program will make your computer better in every way their performance !

Remove the arrows shortcuts in windows

As you've discovered, to create a shortcut to a program, there are always the little arrows at the bottom left of the icon. Removal is a simple process that does not take long to do this follow these steps:

Click the Start button and then on Run, type Regedit and click OK.

Once on the registry you must scroll through the following keys and delete the two keys IsShortcut.



Once these IsShortcut deleted, simply restart to not see more these arrows.

Note: You may find it easier to Inkfile key when you click on the Edit menu and then write lnkfile Search and you click on search, until you take the lnkfile where are the IsShortcut to continue searching press the F3 key. Repeat the same for the second piffile key.

Clear Msn windows brings

For this go to the Start menu and then you give the window then run copies this "RunDll32 advpack.dll, LaunchINFSection% windir% \ INF \ msmsgs.inf, BLC.Remove" A reboot might not remain traces of the old msn.

Create an icon to quickly turn off the PC

Create an icon to quickly turn off the PC.
You can make your PC turn off with a double click, for this you must create an icon that allows you to do this function to perform this trick follow these steps:
Click the right mouse on a free area of ​​desktop and select New and then Shortcut.
In the shortcut window, you must type shutdown-s-t 00 and press the Next button after you put the name you want to have direct access and prick the Finish button.
If you want to leave some time to close the applications you should put this shutdown.exe-s-t 12 this way leave a reasonable margin of 12 seconds to turn off the PC.

Create a password reset disk

Si estás ejecutando Windows XP Profesional como usuario local en un entorno de grupo de trabajo, puedes crear un disco de restablecimiento de contraseñas para iniciar sesión en el equipo cuando olvides la contraseña. Para crear el disco, sigue estos pasos:
Haz clic en Inicio, en Panel de control y, a continuación, en Cuentas de usuario.
Haz clic en tu nombre de cuenta.
Debajo de Tareas relacionadas, haces clic en Prevenir el olvido de contraseñas.
Sigue las instrucciones del Asistente para contraseña olvidada con el fin de crear un disco de restablecimiento de contraseña.
Guarda el disco en un lugar
seguro, ya que cualquiera que lo utilice puede tener acceso a su cuenta de usuario local. Con disco se refiere un mp3 o una usb pero tambien a cd's normales.

Change product key in Windows XP

1. Ejecutar regedit y buscar la clave HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\WPAEvents
2. Abrir la clave oobetimer, borrar el valor hexadecimal CA, y cerrar regedit
3. Ir a Inicio, Ejecutar y escribir %systemroot%\system32\oobe\msoobe.exe /a
4. Nos aparecerá la pantalla de activación de Windows XP, seleccionar activación por teléfono, pulsar en Cambiar clave del producto e introducir la nueva clave y pulsar actualizar. (Las claves que comienzan por F o D han sido baneadas por Microsoft en el SP1)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Online Radio Station

For starters we need the following programs:
1º Sam Broadcaster ( in this case 4.2.2)
: Descargar
2º NO-IP : Descargar
3º Shoutcast Dnas : Descargar

Well, once we have these 3 downloaded proceed with installing the programs first.
1 Sam Broadcaster: file "rar." Is decompressed on the desktop to access all the files that are compressed. The first program that is installed is the next "Firebird-" this facility to be very important. It continues with the installation of "sambc-up" program. When you ask for the registration key you go to the desktop folder and open the file. "Txt" containing the registration key so the program is complete. Copy and paste the code in the box program.

2 The No-Ip is a program that creates a host on the internet to have a radio link in the network. For this we have to check:

Once registered we send activation link account. (important to fill in all fields). Once you click the link given activation LogIn we go to and we access our account and go to paragraph HOSTS / REDIRECTS
 Once inside this section we give "Add a host" and complete the fields:


We have already completed everything and have given "Add Host". Now we go to No-Ip program which we installed and started. In the login screen will pass our email and password or you checked in No-Ip. Upon entering this screen appear where we have to click on the square next to the face with glasses to activate:

If all you have done the right face is smiling . And this just install and register our host that will issue the net.
Now install the 3rd shoutcast the console version . After install we go to the Shoutcast folder in the directory that was installed and opened the " sc_serv " file or notepad or wordpad ( if you have problems with the notebook that the lines are indistinguishable opens with wordpad ) , where the parameters " MaxUser = 32 " change it by the maximum of users who want to listen to your radio (I recommend the top 20) and the line " password = changeme " the change also changes our pass we give close and will ask us to keep the changed data and give it to " Yes". The line " PortBase = 8000" change it to other ports we have open before the router. (Eg router port : "Port Start Port End = 2000 = 2005 " with this in PortBase = 2000 ) to open any port must have the following 5 port also open. With this we have the server. ( For a discussion of open ports you can leave a comment and I'll get back in touch with those who need help) .
Now configure the Sam Broadcaster to broadcast and internet radio.

As stated on the image to enter the program we click on "Desktop B" and then in encoders "+" add our server. Once completed this will give OK.

After all this I recommend restarting your PC and to emit properly start programs in this order:
2nd Shoutcast
3rd SamBroadcaster.
When starting Sambroadcaster we go back to the "Desktop B" we do our encoder button and give the symbol that appears in encoders play alongside the blue and red buttons.

The link for others esuchen we should be like this: HTTP :/ / NOMBRERADIO.NO-IP.BIZ: PORT / LISTEN.PLS

For any questions please leave a comment and we'll help in whatever.
Please can comment and if you served something to be thankful that I hope does not cost anything. thanks

Friday, January 8, 2010

Increase Vista performance

Estos son 10 trucos que te ayudarán a mejorar el rendimiento yacelerar de forma notable el funcionamiento de tu Windows Vista, independientemente de su version.
  • Desactiva el sistema de indexación para búsquedas de Windows. En las propiedades de la unidad C: y cualquier otra que tengas de tu disco duro.
  • Desactiva el servicio de compresión diferencial. Abre el Panel de control, cambia a vista clásica y en Programas y Características entraen Activar y Desactivar las características de Windows, donde debes descarmar la Compresión Remota Diferencial.
  • Desactiva las operaciones automáticas de Windows Defender. Abre el Panel de control, seleccionar Windows Defender y en Herramientas/Opciones tienes que desmarcar la opción de Inicio automático.
  • Desactiva la Desfragmentación de discos automática. Seleccionar lapestaña de Herramientas en las propiedades de la unidad C: y en Desfragmentar ahora quitar la programación de la desfragmentación.
  • Añade una llave USB de 2 GB o más para utilizarlo como cache del sistema con Windows Ready Boost. Lo puedes configurar insertando unallave USB y entrando en las propiedades de la unidad USB puede activarla pestaña “Ready Boost” y seguir instrucciones para activarlo.
  • Desactiva la hibernación de Windows, normalmente en portátiles. En el panel de control en opciones de energia puedes desactivarlo.
  • Desactiva la restauración del sistema. ( Aunque no muy recomendado)
  • Desactiva el Control de Acceso de Usuario (UAC). En el panel decontrol en Cuentas de Usuario puedes desactivar y reiniciar el sistema después.
  • Desactivar los servicios de inicio automático de servicios, en especial lo que seguro que no te serán útiles como Ficheros Offline,Servicio de entrada de Tablet PC, Servicios de Terminal, Buscador de windows, y servicios de Fax.
  • Desactiva otras características de windows Vista que no utilizes,como son, el servicio de indexación, componentes para tabler pc,servicio de replicación windows DFS, servicios de fax y scaneo, y el Windows Meeting Space.

Increase your WIFI connection speed.

To increase browsing speed, or the speed of descent, just follow two easy steps

Arriving here right click on the wireless network and go to properties. On the General tab, disable the option QOS PACKET SCHEDULER.


We applied and accepted. 

We got MVI Optimizer program (MVI Optimizer) Open it and select your connection. (Ex: if I have 20 mb choose the last option 14000-20000 kb, we have 10 mb if we go to the option 6000-14000 kb). Reboot PC and our connection is already optimized to its maximum download and upload speed. To make a test Connection we will www.speedtest.net.

Increase Pc Performance Xp

Redacción - Con esta pequeña guía podremos mejorar la velocidad de nuestro equipo bajo Windows XP, punto flaco de la última versión del sistema operativo de Microsoft.

Writing - With this small guide can improve the speed of our Windows XP computer , weakness of the latest Microsoft operating system .

No good having the best and latest processor market and " swing the lead " with the RAM on computers. XP takes a huge leap in terms of needs in this area and if Windows 98 with 64 MBs had more than enough in the company recommends XP 128 MBs , although our experience advises us to have 256 MB . The advantage is that XP manages memory much better on our team, taking advantage of it all ... even if it is necessary to have the required amount.

Today most equipment manufacturers and include 128 MB, but there are still some equipment on the market with less memory. Do not buy or requires that you install at least this amount

If you have already installed Windows XP on our team is easy to know whether we have enough memory. The system slows down , constantly accessing the hard disk, and at times it seems that this thinking (and doing and rearranges excess programs and files using the " paging") , obvious symptoms that are "under minimal " .

It is ideal to open the [ Task Manager ] (Windows Task Manager) time. We went to the [ Start] , select [OK ] and the dialog window that appears write [ taskmgr ] . Press [ Enter] and the Task Manager will open.

Select [ Performance] tab ( Performance) Task Manager and take note of the maximum ( " Peak" ) in the section called Commit Charge .

This section refers to the memory reserved for Windows and the applications that normally run on this operating system . This includes both the physical - memory is to say, the installed RAM , and virtual memory chips or "paging" to which we referred earlier .

The "Total" Commit Charge value refers to the total physical and virtual memory currently in use combined . The "Limit " value refers to the maximum amount of memory available before Windows increase the "paging " files. The " peak" or maximum value shows the maximum amount of memory that you used in the current session of Windows.

The lesson from this is : if the " Peak" value approaches or exceeds the amount of physical memory you have installed , consider adding more RAM. For example , if the maximum value is 551 988 and you have 256 megabytes (MB ) of RAM (or 256,000 bytes ) , that means you have half the RAM you need. You will have to add another 256 MB .

If , on the other hand, the maximum value is 551 988 and have 1 gigabyte of RAM ( about 1,000,000 bytes ) , then you have enough RAM installed , then you've just used up half of the total RAM capacity.

Includes the Performance ( Performance ) tab in the Task Manager and you will end all doubts about whether you have enough memory on your XP system.
The computer's response is much slower and can not find the reason

There are several things you can do to isolate the problem. First, make sure your PC is not overheating while using it . There are new processors built for slow if the computer overheats. Open the computer case and see if all fans are working properly.

Second , try to disable Windows Indexing Service. This service scans the content of your hard drive behind the scenes , so that the search for a particular file or the contents of a file should be faster . Unfortunately , improving the speed offered by the Indexing Service hardly guarantees the slowdown caused during normal operation of your PC.

To close this service , go to [ Start] , select [Settings ] and open the [ Control Panel ] . Within the Control Panel , double click da icon [Administrative Tools ], and when it is open , gives a double click on [Services]. Locate the Indexing Service from the list of services and provides a double -click. From the drop-down list offers you choose [Disabled (Off )] . Click the button [OK ( OK)] and salt all windows one by one .

Finally check the programs that load when you start the operating system. Go to Home program folder and see which are there. Some heavily loaded equipment and only use them sporadically , others we have installed some application that we downloaded from the network , such as Gator, and will work under the applications you have open . And finally ... do not delete the fonts you use. How many dozens of sources and finally we only use two or three ... ? . All are loaded at startup to optimize speed in use, but at the cost of overloading .
The hard drive slows

Another classic complaints from users is that the hard drive is no longer a fast mechanism to a slow device .

There are several causes of this situation. Too full and with limited space , containing misallocation or file it takes to defragment disk to sort its contents .

Here are some solutions to help us improve disk speed.

The first would be to know the capacity of free space on the device. Come on [ My Computer ] and we press the right button and from the menu select [ Properties] , then we know that we have capacity .

Note that for the system to function properly we need 3MB of free space for each MB of RAM that we have for the swap file . Ie if we have 128 MB free we must have a minimum of 512 MB ​​.

Now we go for the second. Hard drives need desfragmanterse with asuidad . This significantly improves the speed of data access . Why? . When you delete files they are generated gaps in our record . This fools the operating system and make the most of this space saving in these places new applications or data. If the space is less than the file size dice , placing one hand there and the rest remains or elsewhere. The result? Over time, further delay to access files and programs.

One solution is to " raise the minimum space " to store data 512 KB (that is the standard set by XP ) to 2 MB . We'll stay without especio faster disk , although consiguiremos more performance-

To do this edit the System Log : [ START] + [ OK] + [ regedit ] and proceeded to [ HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ System \ CurrentControlSet \ Control \ File System] . Create a new DWORD value named ConfigFileAllocSizer and we put the value 2048 decimal. We close everything , reboot and go. Eye ! Our disk space will run out soon , so we will have to defrag every so

The third option we still ...

If you have a motherboard with an Intel processor will probably have more luck for faster access .

The Intel Application Accelerator is an improved version of the driver installed on your hard drive Windows XP operating system. If this accelerator works with your system, it is likely that you achieve an improvement of 60 percent or more of the speed of your hard drive.

To find out if you can use the Application Accelerator , navigate to www.intel.com / support / chipsets / iaa , read all warnings and instructions and only then transfers the accelerator and try it .

Before doing so , however , make sure to back up the entire contents of your PC , preferably with a program of " snapshot" of the disk , as DriveImage ( www.powerquest.com ) or Norton Ghost ( www. symantec.com ) . People have reported system crashes after installing the Accelerator.
Enhance compatibility in XP

Some users expressed complaints that certain programs that worked properly under earlier versions of Windows , now present some problems . This is due to the change of architecture , based on NT , including XP .

Aware of this problem , Microsoft has included a number of tools to enable the execution of programs into the new operating system. Integrated into the system is the ability to assign different compatibility modes to our applications . To activate them , we simply click on the right mouse button on an executable file and choose the [ Compatibility] option .

By using compatibility modes , activate a series of patches for Windows XP treat the relevant application as you would an earlier version of Windows. However, these quick compatibility settings do not always give the expected results, and there are many applications that refuse to run or installed under XP.

To try to give a solution to difficult cases , there is an application called QFixApp , part of a package of support that is in the Windows XP CD . His name is Application Compatibility Toolkit and is not installed by default. If you do not find in your CD , you can download the latest version from www.microsoft.com / appexperience .

With QFixApp you can select an application and specify very precisely the type of XP patches and emulations must perform to run correctly. Through a process of trial and error ( it takes patience because every program is a different world ) , you can get to properly run most applications for Windows 9x.
Long time off ...

One way to make Windows XP shuts down quickly . In order to perform necessary for Windows to close quickly changes, we modify the system registry. For that, use the registry editor , regedit.exe. We write "regedit " and press [ OK] [Start / Run].

Once in regedit , we reach the HKEY_CURRENT_USER / Control Panel / Desktop key and find the " WaitToKillAppTimeout " key . Double click it to edit it. Then , change the value of 20,000 ( which has by default ) by 4000 .

Then, without leaving the editor , we agree to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE / System / Current Control / Control, to find again the " WaitToKillAppTimeout " key and repeat the procedure takes.